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The Thai Khadi Research Journal is a journal of Thai Studies, intended as a forum for academics and graduate students, both Thai and international, to present their research findings in social sciences and humanities.


  1. Manuscripts must be previously unpublished and not being submitted for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should be of 15-20 pages and typed in single-spacing, with an abstract and a reference of Harvard reference system.
  2. Authors should submit two copies of the article with a diskette (PC format) or e-mail attachments. Attached must be a statement containing the author's summary, address, phone / fax number, and e-mail address.
  3. Authors will be expected to make minor changes within articles prior to publication. They will be supplied with 5 free copies of journal.


Price: 150 Baht per copy; subscription fee for one year (2 issues): 240 Baht.

All editorial communications should be addressed to :-

The board of editors
Thai Khadi Research Journal
Thai Khadi Research Institute, Thammasat University
Prachand Road
Bangkok 10200, Thailand
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Thai Khadi Journal Vol.5 No.1

         (October 2007 - March 2008)


       Sutha Leenawat

Toward a Trans-Thai/Tai Ethno-historiography

       Yukti Mukdawijitra
v Cross-border Cloth Consumers’ Constructed of Social Identities at the Padang Besar, Thai-Malay Borderlands
       Kettawa  Boonprakarn
  v Diaspora  Literature
         Bayan Imsamran
  v A viewpoint on Communication Concepts in “Nai Indra Poo Pid Thong Lang Phra"
         Surapongse  Sotanasathien
Thai Khadi Journal Vol.4 No.2

         (April 2007 - September 2007)

The Articulation between Periphery and Center: The History of the Creation of the Identity of Thai Nation-State

       Thanet  Aphornsuvan

Remarks on Millenarian Movements and Thai-Siamese Society: The Case of Ar-Sa-Kead-Ngong (B.E.2358)

       Waraporn Ruangsri
v The Birth of Waterworks Authority in the era of King Rama 5 and the Changes of Thai Way of Life
       Tiamjit Puangsomjit
  v Foreignness of Thainess in Ong-Bak and Tom-Yum-Goong
         Natthanai Prasannam
  v Field Work Experience: Research and Developments
         Akin Rabibhadana
Thai Khadi Journal Vol.4 No.1

         (April 2007 - September 2007)

Erupted Cultural Heritage by Hidden Purposes of Conservation

       Kreangkrai Kirdsiri

The Melayuness and the Production of Locality: Observation from Fieldwork

       Sorayut Aim-Aur-Yut
v “Sacred Space” and the Reification of Locality
       Wijit Wongwareethip
  v The Changing State of Knowledge: The Art– Landscape Architecture and the Ecological System of Temples
         Akkapon Satum
  v The Legend of Phrachao Learb-Loke: The Legendary Path of Lord Buddha’s Missions in Suvannabhumi and the Social and Cultural Study of Lanna Geography, Names, Places, and Legendary Persons
         Thainchai Aksorndit
Thai Khadi Journal Vol.3 No.2

         (April 2007 - September 2007)

Investigating the Spread of Tai Languages and Cultures into Southeast Asia

     Thanet  Samerchai Poolsuwan

The Shan States and the Tai Yai in the Colonial Age

       Asa Kampha
v The Charm of Local Art: The Mural Painting inside the Old Ubosot of Wat Bang Prah, Nakhon Chaisri District, Nakhon Pathom Province
       Sirot Pinunratchathon
  v The Inner Court under Westernization during the Reigns of King Mongkut and King Vajiravudh (1851–1925)
         Wanaporn Bunyasathit
  v Reflections on Fieldwork Experiences II: Theories and Analysis
         Akin Rabibhadana
Thai Khadi Journal Vol.3 No.1

         (April 2007 - September 2007)

A Study of Tai Ethnic Groups in China: Cultural Origins

       Sumitr Pitiphat

Sam Kok In

       Thaworn Sikkhakosol
v The Innovation of Dance Dramas in the Reign of King Chulalongkorn
       Nittay Kaewkallna
  v Saema-Sema
         Pitya Bunnag
  v The Study of the Relationship between Dhammayutika and Theravada Buddhism in Ceylon through Buddhist Art
         Pitchaya Soomjinda
  v Manu Dharmasastra and the Origin of Thai Thammasat
         Nai Pan Hla
Thai Khadi Journal Vol.2 No.2

         (October 2004 - March 2005)
v Mon Ancestral Textiles
       Piriya Krairiksh
v Law and Development in Thailand: From Electricity Theft to Communication Theft
       Kittisak Prokati
v Tianwan and the Elocutionary Politics in Siam
       Thanet Aphornsuvan
  v The Impact of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic towards Macroeconomic Framework and Productivity of Thailand
         Darawan Virunhaphol
  v Kanraksa: Traditional Thai Wisdom for the Pregnant and Babies
         Yaowalak Kayankarn
  v The Lonely Path of a Thinker Monk
         Mettanando Bhikkhu
  v Reflections on Fieldwork Experiences I
         Akin Rabibhadana
Thai Khadi Journal Vol.2 No.1

         (October 2004 - March 2005)
v The Role of Election Committee in Thailand
       Sida Sonsri
v Differences and Similarity of Definitions in Censuses
       Tera Sindecharak
v The Failure of Public Participation in Developing Countries: Examples from the Yadana and JDA Pipeline Projects in Thailand
       Warasak Phuangcharoen
  v Language Anomalies in Inscription One
         Michael Wright
  v Friends, Lovers or Sex Partners? : Gay Relationship in Cyberspaces
         Narupon Duangwises
  v Taoism and the Tai Origin
         Wilaiwan Khanittanan
  v The State of Monastic Museums in the Mekong River Basin
         Piriya Krairiksh


Thai Khadi Journal Vol.1 No.2

         (April - September 2004)
v State versus Nation in Histories of Nation-Building with Special Reference to Thailand
       Craig J. Reynolds
v Does Popular History in Thailand Need Historians?
       Lysa Hong
v Literate Culture for Modernity: Libraries and the Confrontation between the Eye and the Ear
       Thanet Wongyannawa
  v Land Right of Thai Citizen
         Kanitha Chidchang
  v The Development and Determinants of Thai Youth Perceptions of Sexual Harassment on Television
         Suwatchare Piemyat
     Shinnapong Bamroongsap
     M.L. Walwipha Burusratanaphand
  v The State of Knowledge of the Thai-Japanese Relationship during World War II: An Investigation of Thai-Japanese-Western Perspectives
         Nonglak Limsiri
  v The Promotion of Agriculture and Industries during the Reign of King Rama III
         Waraporn Jiewchaisak


Thai Khadi Journal Vol.1 No.1

        (October 2003 - March 2004)
v The Management of Thai Economic Policy: The Failure of Washington Consensus or the Failure of Thai State
       Somboon Siriprachai
v The Analysis of the Proposed Public Hearing Bill
       Charoen Kampirapap
v Understanding Environmental Controversy in Thailand
       Warasak Phuangcharoen
v Looking through the Eyes of Karens “Other” to the Methodology for the Study of the Unwilling Migrant Living in the Areas between Thailand and Myanmar
         Daecha Tangsrifah
  v Community Archaeology: New Approach for Cultural Resource Management and Community Development
         Sayan Praichanjitr


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