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Research Projects 2003

  • The Application of His Majesty the King’s New Theory Agriculture
  • “Cakkravatti–Vatta” (the virtues or duties of a universal king) of King Bhumipol Adulyadej
  • The Roles of the Election Commission (EC) in Thailand
  • The Effective Factors to Generate Thammasat University Students’ Interest in the Thai Classical Music and onto the Thai Classical Music Students’ Club
  • Genetic Diversity of Wild Rice (Oryza spp.) in Northern Thailand
  • A Theft–Prevention and Remote Control System for Automobile via Paging Network
  • Thai Crossword Puzzle Generator
  • The Study and Development of Birefringence Modulator
  • The Archaeology Evidences and History of the Tai People in Jingdong, Yunnan, the People’s Republic of China

Research Project 2004

  • Socioeconomic Impacts on Local Population: the Natural Gaz Pipeline No.3 Project of the Petroleum Authority of Thailand
  • Estimation of Optimal Rule Curves for Bhumipol and Sirikit Reservoirs
  • Proposed Supply Chain Management Model for SMEs in Thailand
  • The Investigation for Road Safety: the Study of Road Accidents and Pragmatic Approach to Promote Safety
  • The Thai Film Star System after Mitr Chaibancha’s Period to the Present Time
  • Continuity and Changes in the Control of Northern Women Labour: A Case Study of Two Villages in Chiangmai
  • The Property Business and Bangkok and Peripheral Areas, 1970 – 1994. : A Study in Business History Approach and Environmental History Approach
  • The Buddha Amulet: Social Beliefs and Values in Thai Society

Research Projects 2005

  • Thailand’s Potentialities: The Reformation under King Chulalongkorn’s Regime unto the Present Time
  • Mon Textiles
  • Environmental Governances in Thai Society : The Study of two Mega – Developing Project
  • A Study of the State of the Knowledge of History and the Order of Historical Explanations According to 2001 Fundamental Educational Curriculum : An Analysis on National Social Ideology through Social Studies Curriculum, Historical Subjects, the Co–related Subjects, Learning Activities and Historical Learning Resources
  • The Buddha Jinaraja: An Art Historical Analysis and the Study of the Image Making by the Siamese Elites to Public Consumption
  • Thammasat’s Way from 1934-2004
  • A Comparative Study of the Way of Life and Cultural Changes of Central and Northern Tai Speaking Groups in Vietnam
  • Strategy of Moralization by Using Homeless Dogs
  • Participatory Action Research and Development Program towards an Enhancement of Community Ability in Nan Province
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