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June 2010

A seminar on textiles of Tai peoples, the indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia. The basic concept of the seminar is to explore the common cultural characteristics of several Tai speaking groups as woven in their textiles.
The highlight of the seminar is the exhibition From Birth to Death:  Tai Life and Textiles, which will feature more than 50 textiles from Sumitr Pitiphat’s collection from his fieldworks in Laos, Vietnam and China. The exhibition will be from 29 June to 2 July 2010, 09.00-16.00 hours on the ground floor of Sri Burapha Auditorium. Admission is free.


May 2009

“Negotiation and Foreign Affairs in the Reign of King Rama IV: From the Old Siam to Globalization”
Date/Venue: May 2009, Thammasat University Auditorium, Bangkok

A seminar in commemoration of the 200th birth anniversary of His Royal Highness Krom Luang Wongsa Dhiraj Snid (1808-1871), a remarkable personality, who took part in transforming the Old Siam into a modern nation. He was an intellectual, poet, peace activist, scientist and diplomat, who promoted the culture of peace through dialogue among civilizations and was thus designated UNESCO’s Great World Personality in 2008.




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